A Self-Possessed Woman

It is a dangerous thing to be a self-possessed woman.
A woman who is not owned but owns herself.
Not possessed by society, fashion, or conformity.

Dangerous because that woman cannot be controlled
By shame or doubt or fear or hate.

Dangerous because saying yes to herself means confronting
Always and forever choosing, choosing, choosing

But I say to you it is more dangerous for woman to not possess herself.

To give others the right to take her sovereignty
To twist it, bend it, break it
Until she forgets it was ever hers in the first place
That she is the Queen of herself, her life, her soul.

I ask you sisters:
Will you die dispossessed of your body?
Will you abdicate the throne of your heart?
Will you hide from the wisdom of your soul?

No lovely. You will not.
You will rise.
You will find and reclaim your

Take the hands of your sisters and rise.

We will not cut ourselves into a thousand pieces to try to take up less room
Or fit in the space we have been told is ours

This is our life
This is our castle
And it longs for our Queen to come home, to awaken, to sit down, to be here NOW, to lead, to love.

Heed the call sisters:
Come home to your heart. Come live in your skin. Come dance with your soul.

Be truly, deeply, madly home.
For you have waited long enough.

(c) 2016 Rima Bonario. All rights reserved.