Rima Bonario, Th.D

I am an author, workshop leader, soul coach, and wild ♥ healer. My life’s work is facilitating potent processes and soulful healing practices that bring about a re-connection to our inherent, sacred wholeness.

I bring a compassionate heart and thoughtful insight to my work, weaving together a safe and sacred place for my workshop and circle participants, as well as my private clients. Our intention, while always unique to what is arising for each individual, usually includes accessing and resolving limiting beliefs and persistent blocks to personal and professional sovereignty.

I use a variety of tools including typical coaching and counseling techniques as well as more potent processes that include elements of myth and archetypes, ritual and ceremony, and Soul/shadow work.

Dream Weavers work with me in support these three aims:

Personal Weaving:
Sovereign Self – Healing and Development

Community Weaving:
Sisterhood – Community of Practice

Planetary Weaving:
Social Sphere – Skills in Action, creating safe and sacred society

Teaching Partners

It's all about community. We truly are Better Together. This is why I most enjoy teaching when co-creating wth other powerful teachers to create potent containers for personal and planetary transformation.


Laura Wolf

Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and Life Coach


Robin Rose Murphy

Earth Priestess and Wisdom Teacher


Allison Conte

Business Consultant and Executive Coach

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Cyndi Swall

Coach, Speaker and Bliss Mentor

Tj Bio shot

Tj Bartel

Relationship Expert & Tantric Master