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If you landed here because of the article by Be Scofield on Medium, I welcome you.

Ms. Scofield presents herself as a journalist who exposes "gurus," but the two article she has recently written, one of which has a reference to me, are full of misinformation. Including the statement that Tj Bartel is providing Yoni massage with my clients on an upcoming course (had she taken the time to review my website, she would have sen that Tj is providing only a 90-minute fully-clothed energy work session).

This just one of almost a dozen falsehoods she has written.

I attempted to post this comment on Be Scofield’s first article. She deleted it, blocked me and closed the comments on her article.

Be Scofiled’s article filled with mis-information and half-truths. She emailed Mr. Bartel off of his website on Sunday, October 14. I work with Mr. Bartel as his colleague and as part of his support team. This author sent an email asking for an interview or comment from an anonymous gmail account with the name “bumble honey” from the address She identified herself only as “Jamie.” I repeatedly asked for her name and the name of her blog so that we could honor her request to set up an interview with Mr. Bartel. She refused to provide this information.

I am surprised that Medium would allow someone who hides their identity from the subject of an “investigative article” to post unsubstantiated claims like this — especially as sensitive as they are.

I let this author know that all of the documents concerning Palki Mawar, a practicing Dakini who took trainings at Source Tantra, would be made available to her to review if she simply provided her name and blog site. I let this author know that these documents included texts and emails from Ms. Mawar that show, in her own words, that she initiated the boundary violation that she is now complaining about. That she apologized to Mr. Bartel for doing this in both her sessions (which took place long after her training). The correspondence show that Ms. Mawar paid Mr. Bartel after both sessions — although she did ask for a discount and offer to give him sessions to reduce the cost. This author could have seen the texts and emails in which Ms. Mawar repeatedly sought to make additional appointments with Mr. Bartel for months after the sessions in which she was supposedly abused. As well as the numerous emails and letter she wrote praising Tj, sharing how the healing was truly transformative for her, and professing her love for him.

All of this was available for this author if she was willing to simply reveal her name and where she planned to publish. But she did not. She did not seek to properly investigate these claims — despite their seriousness. She did not represent herself honestly. If she had, she would have seen the evidence that shows that Ms. Marwar was a happy and satisfied client of Tj’s and only after seeing him with a girlfriend at a training event in Thailand did she make any kind of complaint. In addition, this author would have known that Charles Muir and Leah Alchin took her complaint seriously enough to have a long and detailed conversation with Ms. Mawar along with Mr. Barel in Thailand — during which she admitted she could not recall who initiated the contact she was complaining about. During that conversation, Ms. Mawar took responsibility for her part in the session.

Ms. Mawar has continued to hound and harass Mr. Bartel for many months now. She has spent hours and hours of time having phone conversations with anyone in the CTE community or on Source staff who would listen to her. Until such time as they could no longer stomach her rantings.

In her latest email to Mr. Bartel, Ms. Mawar has asked him to pay her thousands of dollars and she will move on. This is extortion.

All of this, including information about other people quoted in this article, and the misinformation they shared, was available to this author if she had just been willing to share her name and the name of her blog site. She did not.

This is not an investigative article. It is an attack piece and a smear campaign filled with falsehoods and unsubstantiated allegations.

Mr, Barrtel is working with his attorney to address this definition of character. Each of the false allegations in the article are being addressed.

This author has no interest in  provide balanced views. Additional misinformation is found all through the article.

Here is what the article states:

“When Caroline Carrington received a yoni massage from Muir she says he violated her repeated requests to not touch her throat. She told him she was held at knifepoint and had serious trauma and somatic memory there. Not even her child or lovers are allowed to touch her throat she told him. She said that Charles’ response was “Oh, I’m absolutely going to touch your throat.” She said this to him three or four times but he said “no, we’re gonna do this.” In the end she relented. “In an hour Charles jumped on the four biggest traumas of my life. I was screaming throughout most of the session.” She said she lost her voice on and off for a whole year after the session. She contacted Charles and Leah and couldn’t get support. “I’m losing my voice every single week, what should I do?”

This is what Caroline posted in 2013 on FB referencing the same event…

“Powerful session demoing sacred spot with Charles Muir yesterday at CTE. So delighted that I intentionally called that in! I was honored to be on the receiving end of his masterful touch. Loved learning from his pointed intake conversation as he landed expertly on all my triggers. Finding my edge as he shared my past with the class and then diving in bravely, held by his presence, as he released old trauma and healed up so much pain. Some of the most profound moments came when he sucked out old trauma stuck in my neck, a place I can normal not be touched. Secondly, when he allowed me to release anger at my father and a man who had attacked me many years before in Cambodia creating safe space for me to sound my NO! Lastly, honoring me by calling me Dakini and apologizing for the pain and betrayal I had experienced from Dan. Profound healing on so many levels and we’re only 2.5 days in. Loving the powerful healing modality of Tantra and looking forward to what will unfold ….”

Why would Caroline Carrington change her story so completely? It is hard to know for sure. She claims that after the session she was "high." However, it may have more to do with the fact that her application for the advanced training in CTE3 was rejected. She was not invited to participate because she has shown herself to be combative in class and prone to creating drama.

In addition, Irina Lipshina claimed that she Charles Muir behaved badly during her practice session when learning to give as part of a triad, but the other woman in that session, who was never asked to corroborate Lipshina's account, says nothing of the sort took place. She is angry that Irina spoke of her and implied that she was in any way traumatized by their sessions. Further, the two of them shared openly about their session with the class as is customary in the advanced training program they were attending.

There are many more factual errors related to this so-called investigation. Some are captured here. 

My husband and I have worked with Tj Bartel for the last 18 months. He has been impeccable in every way. He helped me move out of a frozen sexual state which was ruining my relationship. He helped me find my voice and was able to help me restore my sexual sovereignty after my own abuse in this area.

Every step of the way he was gentle, loving, and kind. He constantly sought to support me in my own unfolding, refusing to take credit for my growth, always pointing me back to myself. He has supported by my husband and daughter as well in their unfoldment through powerful coaching and energy work. His presence in our lives has been a huge gift. My entire family is happier and healthier because of him.

Over this last year and a half, I have begun to support Tj helping him with his business communications. I have spoken to many, many of his clients, and all have had nothing but glowing reviews of his work.

Tj Bartel has 16 years of experience as a Daka. He has seen over a thousand women in his time of service. He has used a variety of methods, including, some which are being called into question. Tj has been willing to examine the places where there have been misunderstandings and also make amends where needed when his practices unintentionally caused someone pain or hurt.

After Mawar posted her complaint publicly on Facebook in March of 2018, leaving out her consent and participation in the session, her complaint was once again addressed with great compassion. She wrote letters of apology and took responsibility for her projection. They are pictured below.

After her public post, three additional complains surfaced. Two of the three complaints were anonymous - one coming from a client who was upset about not being picked up on time from the airport. The third complaint was resolved immediately and privately with the client, and she acknowledged that her recollection of the session was clouded by projections related to her healing process. The author used her words from a Facebook conversation and posted only the part of the conversation that fit into the narrative the author was building. Her complaint was used under pseudonym in the article by Be Scofield without her permission.

The other women quoted in this article are disgruntled students of Source Tantra, two of which operate their own competing school of Tantra education. My interactions with them have proven to be futile as they have no interest in offering any information that doesn’t find neatly in their narrative. The refuse to take personal responsibility for their choices. They gave their consent at the time of their sessions and are now seeking months and even years later to revoke that consent and claim abuse.

It should also be noted that Tj has served as a volunteer staff member for 14 years during the training courses at Source. He received payment only for sessions he provided during the course. During each course, Tj did a demo-session in front of the class showing exactly what his style of session is like - which includes a more full-body experience. Every person who booked a session with him in those course knew what to expect in their sessions. The sessions were all 100% voluntary and students were not required to book sessions with him in order to successfully complete the course.

The Dakinis complained that Tj allowed them to touch him during their sessions. Tj's practice has been to allow this for two reasons: it allows his to support them in transitioning from giver energy into receiver energy (something many modern women find challenging) and it also allows them to own and integrate their desires (a crucial aspect of developing sexual sovereignty). While there is room for criticism and disagreement on this practice, it is ridiculous to call this abuse.

The other outright falsehoods in this article paint a very skewed picture of Tj's work.  The author has been negligent in doing her due diligence to confirm the validity of the information provided by her sources or to seek out the many others who had very different experiences providing a truly balanced offering.

As a woman who has suffered sexual trauma I could not in good conscience stand by and allow this level of misinformation to stand without speaking up.

I have been told by many to mind my own business. I have been caused of "gas-lighting" and victim blaming simply for making public their own words which show the incredible inconsistencies in these women's stories.

If we wish to be believed as women we cannot stand by idly when we see FALSE accusations coming forward.

There is enough true abuse to have us worried as women. Fabricating abuse just hurts all of us as we seek to find a new way forward with men. There was enough concerning behavior happening without the need to present a highly exaggerated and, in places completely false, narrative.

There were in fact places which were in need of examination. There were changes needed. Both at the school and in Tj's session work.

While his particular form of session work has been deeply healing and empowering for the vast majority of his clients. In some very few cases, it has created hurt.

Tj has acknowledged that he has made mistakes. He acknowledged within the CTE community in April of 2018 that in the past coulee of years he had allowed himself to become more lax than usual with his boundaries when working with Dakinis from Source, and that he had mis-judged how much sexual energy to allow to be present in his sessions with them. He took a six month break from all his activity with Source School of Tantra Yoga to reflect on his part in these hurts. He has completed an intense course of shadow work and continues to integrate his learnings.

Furthermore, Tj's focus has shifted away from doing Tantra sessions - most of his sessions now are straight energy work sessions. He is focused more on coaching, teaching, and writing, with his first book to be published in November of 2018.

More work lies ahead for everyone involved in this difficult situation. If healing is the aim, all false accusations must be exposed so that the focus can be placed squarely on the actual opportunities for improvement that exits within the Tantra community.

Tantra is a deeply powerful modality for healing and spiritual evolution. As with all healing modalities that intend to open up and address the dark and wounded places in the psychy, there are risks. The risks are present in all healing modalities, however in today's sexually charge environment, the Tantra community is  particularly challenged to perform at the highest possible standard.

It will never perform perfectly and any claim that it must is disingenuous.

Source School of Tantra Yoga recently developed a clear set of guidelines for all sessions done at the school. These new guidelines and codes of conduct include the use of consent forms. 

I have shared my belief that formalized feedback loops after sessions during the training courses might also be helpful - this could look like debriefing with a staff member who takes notes, or providing written feedback in addition to the verbal feedback that happens in the class setting.