A Divine Feminine Tour Through Egypt

Join me and my good friend and spiritual tour guide extrodinaire Halle Eavelyn on the trip of a lifetime!

We travel from Cairo to the Temples of Isis and Hathor. We will visit Sekmet. We will take a private sailing cruise down the Nile. We will have a coveted private visit to the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, get access to the Sphinx normally off-limits to tourists, and visit profoundly powerful places off the beaten path.

We will spend time in ritual and ceremony in some of the most ancient and sacred spots on the Earth. And we will solidly anchor our Soul-Connection to the Goddess and begin to embody our own Divine Feminine Essence.

Only four spots remain for the exquisite experience. Watch the video below and if the trip calls to your soul click here for details and reserve your place.

Rima and Halle

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