Magic, Mystery & Miracles in Egypt

Back by popular demand, join Rima for another amazing mystery school field trip to the sacred land of Egypt...only this time with a sacred sexuality twist!

Rima is delighted to introduce her students to Relationship Expert and Tantric Educator Tj Bartel who will serve as co-facilitator and healer on this amazing sacred pilgrimage and retreat. We have space for only 12 women to join the journey to bring forth the goddess within every woman - the sexy, sovereign and satisfied woman we were born to be.

We will spend time in ritual and ceremony in some of the most ancient and sacred spots on the Earth. And we will solidly anchor our soul-connection to the practice of embodying our own Divine Feminine Essence.

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Why Egypt? 

Modern-day Egypt may seem like the least likely place to encounter Divine Feminine energy, and in many ways that is true. However, on this trip we are spending almost all of our time outside of the modern Egyptian experience. We will travel down south where things are slower and more connected to the land - it is sacred land with a profound history connecting back to the dawn of human civilization. When I am there, I feel completely at home. It is as though I am finally in a place ancient enough to fully meet my soul.


This part of the world is the original home of the Goddess known as The Queen of Heaven. She went by many names including Isis, Inanna, Anat, and Astare. One of the highlights of the trip will be a private tour of Isis' Temple at Philae at dawn. The sacred feminine energy there is truly palpable.

And in the other temples we are visiting, we will explore rarely seen rooms that were dedicated to the Goddess, each holding potent sacred feminine energy. Imagine holding the hands of your sisters in ceremony and ritual connecting us to these ancient power centers dedicated to the feminine with the intention of more easily connecting into and anchor our own feminine energy!

But by far the most potent feminine presence we will encounter on our journey is the Great Nile herself. This life-giving water simple IS the Divine Feminine in form. We will relax by day and be rocked to sleep by night as we sail for 5 magnificent days and nights on her gentle waters aboard a Dahabeah, the same style of boat used in antiquity to navigate her miles of luscious reed-lined waterways. My time on the Nile taught me so much on my last trip and I am eager to return to see what secrets she may reveal to me this time.


Pilgrimage and Program Details

Tour Dates: November 9 - 17 with Optional 2-Day Extension
Each day there will be a combination of four potent elements: Sacred Sites, Sacred Circle, Sacred Healing and Sacred Rest.

Ancient Pilgramidge

Visit the most amazing holy places on earth and EXPERIENCE divine feminine ENERGY.

ArmsLinked Circle
Wisdom Circle

Gather in circle and MASTER esoteric teachings and feminine embodiment PRACTICES.

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Healing Sessions

AWAKEN and ACTIVATE the feminine ESSENCE that dwells in you through the art of energy healing.

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Relax and Unwind

ENJOY soulful REST and delightful FUN as you soak up the warmth of Egypt's sunshine and people.


Day 1: Fri. Nov. 9th: Arrive in Cairo
You will be met by our tour manager who will assist you at Cairo international airport and take you to the near-by luxurious Le Meridian hotel to rest and settle in. Enjoy the pool or book a treatment at the spa (meals with your own).

Day 2: Sat. Nov 10th - Travel Abu Simble - Circle Opens
Meet up with your sisters and our Tour Guide Doaa to take a dawn flight to Abu Simble City and transfer to the stunning lakeside resort we will call home for the first stop on our tour. Check in and join Rima and Tj for your welcome. The Circle will be officially open after breakfast and run until lunch. The afternoon will be devoted to rest and healing sessions as well as relaxing time at the pool. The circle will reconvene after dinner for a short teaching before we settle in for a good night's sleep.

Day 3: Sun. Nov 11th: Abu Simble Temple Dawn Visit
We will make our first sunrise pilgramicdge to Abu Simble Temple built by Ramses II. The highlight of the visit is seeing the only temple in Egypt dedicated to a woman, which Ramses II built for his beloved wife Nefertary. Of special note is the frieze depicting energy healing work. We return for breakfast and more time in Circle with Rima & Tj. We will enjoy a hearty lunch and then drive through the famous Sahara Desert to Aswan City, where we will board our Dahabeah Nile Cruising boat. As time permits we will plan an early evening tip to the Aswan bazaar to a little shopping!

Day 4: Mon Nov. 12th: Isis' Temple at Philae & Sailing the Nile
Travel by boat to a private tour of Philae Temple at dawn. We return to the source of all, the Great Mother, to receive the blessings of Isis at her beautiful island temple at Philae. This magical isle represents a fusion of three great civilizations – Egyptian, Greek and Roman. Feminine energy is palpable in the inner sanctum, the Holy of Holies where we will gather in ceremony to awaken and activate our own Feminine Essence. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the power of ceremony and ritual at this magnificent and holy temple. The remainder of the day will be open for relaxing, healing sessions and circle time.

Day 5: Tues. Nov. 13th: Komombo Temple & Sailing the Nile
Next we visit the unique temple of Komombu. This temple is dedicated to two gods, Sobek and Horus. Sobek is the crocodile god which represents the Lower Self, and the god Horus Who Is In the heaven represents the Higher Self. During our ceremony, you will be invited to detach from the struggles of fear and negativity and integrate the energies higher and lower self as was done here in antiquity. The remainder of the day will be open for relaxing, healing sessions, and circle time.

Day 6: Wed. Nov. 14th: Edfu temple & Sailing the Nile
As we continue north to Edfu we dive deeper into the energy of clearing and releasing by connecting with and resolving hidden emotions. We visit the sanctuary in the rear of the temple as well as the birthing room. Enjoy afternoon tea during sailing to Esna as well as time for rest, healing sessions and time in the wisdom circle.

Day 7: Thurs. Nov. 15th: Sailing the Nile & Luxor Temple at Night
After a leisurely breakfast, we will gather for a deep wisdom circle session as we spend the day sailing toward our final docking point of Luxor. We will enjoy a fabulous night time tour of Luxor and the avenue of the sphinxes after which we will have time to explore Luxor's night market.

Day 8: Fri. Nov. 16th: Karnak Temple and flight to Cairo
We make our way to the largest temple complex in Egypt, Karnak Temple, in the early morning to see the sacred holy sanctuary dedicated to the goddess Sekhmet. Here we find one of only a handful of concentrated statues that still remain in their original sacred location. Back on the boat we enjoy breakfast and a morning of relaxing and healing sessions before lunch. In the afternoon we will have our closing wisdom circle followed by an early evening flight back to Cairo for our final night at the Le Meridian hotel.

Day 9: Sat. Nov. 17th: Final Departure
Our guides will escort you to the Cairo International Airport and help you make your way into the terminal with ample time for your flight home. 

Days 9 - 11: Sat. Love. 17 - Mon. Nov. 19th: Optional Cairo Extension
If you are not quite ready to head home yet, you are invited to extend your stay for a some site-seeing and unique excursions in Cairo including: The Giza Plateau where you will see the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid, a trip to the Cairo Museum, a private visit to Gamal's Essential Oil shop, and a trip to the famous Cairo bazaar. The extension includes two additional nights at a beautiful Cairo hotel just steps from the Great Pyramids and all but one meal, as well as guided transportation to the airport for your departure on Monday.